Electric Brushless Motor - 600mh-Li

1.0kW brushless electric motor, powered by Lithium-Ion 80/82 V battery.
With two 5 Ah batteries (sold separately) it buries up to 600 m of wire.

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Gas Motor - 600mh

Powered by a Honda GXH 50, 4-stroke engine, 2.1 HP.
With one full tank of gas it buries up to 600 m of wire.

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The cable-laying machine
600MH offers the ruggedness, durability, and portability necessary to professionals. It was originally designed to optimize the work of robot mower installers. In constant evolution, its new optional install kit for wire of up to 10 mm now enables installing wire up to 10 mm in diameter. It is then possible to use it also for burying wire for invisible fences, for outdoor lighting systems, for portal motorization, for videophones, for surveillance cameras, for high-speed Internet or cable TV connections, and more!

Bury up to 2000 feet of wire per hour!


The ergonomic handle, featuring the antivibration system that significantly improves the operator's comfort, folds down to go from action, to transport, to storage. The 600MH has been designed to be carried around and operated by a single person and can bury up to 600 meters of wire per hour! Its heavy-duty solid carbide blade, offset by 15 cm, will make its way through all types of soil; stony, compacted or regular, easily laying wire between 4 and 6 cm deep.

Its low turning radius and its distance guide give access to every corner and provide a precise install, reducing the installation time. The new optional wire twinning device now allows to quickly go around islands and bury both wires in the same trench without having to do it manually. These are only a few characteristics that make this machine so productive – and hence very profitable!